Below is a list of grooming services that we provide anywhere you want

Full Service Grooms

Bath and Blowout – $97.85
Bath, blow dry, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, sanitary trim if needed.

DeShed – $128.75
Includes everything from the Bath and Blowout plus an ultimate deshedding treatment! Reduces shedding up to 80%.

Lion Cut – Starting at $190.55
The lion cut includes everything in the Bath and Blowout plus a super short haircut with the option to leave a full tail or a lion poof on the end.

Comb Cut – $154.50
Includes everything in the Bath and Blowout plus a fluffy haircut in a variety of length options.

*All prices are based on a regular maintenance schedule with no tangles or matting*

Add on services

Soft Paws – Front only $27/All paws $37
The most humane way to avoid cat destruction in your home!

DeShed (add on to comb cut only) – $22

Belly Shave – $20

Half Belly Shave – $15

Toe Tuft Trim – $15

Ruff/Pants Trim – $10 each/$15 for both

*Additional fees may apply*