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Popular thinking is that cats groom themselves. But in reality, cats​ lick ​ themselves. Grooming and licking are two entirely different processes. When a cat licks itself, he becomes covered in saliva and dander. The licking process does nothing to relieve a cat of tangles, mats, fleas, dandruff, skin conditions, and unsanitary germs and bacteria that can be present on paws and the hindquarters. Instead, after years of licking, your cat transfers dander, saliva, germs and bacteria on to the surfaces in your home, including your bedding, pillows and couches that he or she sleeps on day and night.

At The Cat’s Pajamas we don’t lick cats, we groom them. We use the best products, professional grooming equipment and advanced techniques to remove tangles, mats, degrease coats, remove excess shedding, clean up dirty hindquarters and paws, trim nails, neaten up overgrown faces, and fix most grooming related coat issues that your cat may have that simply are not managed by licking. In the end, your cat is clean, refreshed, looks and feels better than you ever thought possible.

Cleaner, easier, happier cat

We are here to make your life as a cat owner, cleaner and easier. We are here to make your cat look and feel better and do it in the safest most efficient way possible. After all, a groomed cat is a happy cat. And the people that get to live with them will be happier too!

Some cats may not have tolerated grooming and bathing in home trial and error experiences or bustling grooming salons that also cater to dogs. In fact, most cats in the hands of a trained professional cat groomer, in a cat exclusive environment are manageable and become more compliant with regular, scheduled grooming. ​ Our mobile service also provides the added bonus of elimination of stressful car travel prior to grooming. ​ Give us a try, even if you have been turned away by vets or other groomers. We are happy to work with your cat to achieve the best results.